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Aerial view of Rio Tuba is the biggest and holdest mining activity in Palawan Island, 2012..Of all the seven thousand islands of the Philippines, Palawan is considered the most beautiful, the "Last Frontier Eco" ..In this thin strip of land 450 km long and wide just 50, Palawan is home to 87 of 160 ethnic groups in the Philippines, 11 percent of the remaining virgin forests, over 38 percent of the mangroves, the sentries who save the earth from the aggression the sea..There had never been too peaceful revolts among the local population until the big mining companies have begun to force environmental laws that imposed the binding opinion of the inhabitants for each mining, paying "contributions" to local governments and large influential chiefs and corruptible..Multibillion-dollar interests are often able to put one against the other 24 governments of the territories as large as the capital of Puerto Princesa and Taytay, or as small as Cagayancillo, a beautiful spit of land and sea of 15 square km. .On the one hand act unscrupulous men willing to give up the island and its gems, other conservationists terrified by the impact of mines on the already precarious ecological balance, in this era of rising of the sea to the greenhouse effect..Palawan hides it rich minerals, natural gas and long caves, as well as that of 8 km inside the underground river which flows the second in the world. But it is his main Mantalingahan mountain - sacred to the indigenous and fertile heart of the special microclimate - the mouthful more appetite with scattered deposits of nickel per thousand square kilometers of virgin forest..