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Tallinn Innovation and Business Centre Mektory. Mektory is an international and interdisciplinary ecosystem and the supporter of innovative entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs, scientists and students (incl student startups) meet at the centre. This is a place where entrepreneurs can come whenever they need the help of the university in solving product development problems. The centre includes workshops, test labs, companies’ demo centres equipped with top technology and prototyping labs. You can get there good photo-material.<br />

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Estonia is arguably the most advanced country in the world when it comes to use of the Internet and related technologies. Estonia is a most improbable success, in that a mere quarter of a century ago it was still under domination of the Soviet Union as a very poor backwater on the Baltic Sea. Now it is a developed country and a member of both the EU and NATO. In late 2014, Estonia became the first country in the world to offer digital residency to non-Estonians living anywhere in the world. Non-residents can obtain an Estonian smart ID card which enables them to have access to many electronic services available to Estonian citizens, including the ability to create and operate an Estonian company. <br />
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