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New Clinic in Taro provided by MSF, December 2011..In the north east of Japan there is a small city called Taro that was completely destroyed by the tsunami on the 3/11. After the tsunami the whole population of 8000 people moved to the top of the mountain where they settled down.  .Here they had temporary housing, temporary shops, a japanese warm bath and a temporary clinic provided by MSF. Almost one year later they are still living there, they have created their own new little community village and this has became the new reality for them. In this small colony you can find barber shops, restaurants, grocery stores, schools and a playground just like a normal village. The colony is not far from the sea so, as the majority of the population from Taro are fishermen, they don't find it too hard to survive in their new environment. From a temporary shelter this has became the new TARO Village.