More Than a Woman

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Thailand has long been a strong hold for medical tourism in Asia, cashing in over $4 billion every year from patients from all over the world who come to seek treatment from leading specialists and doctors offering experimental and new procedures on the forefront of science and medicine. In cutting edge hospitals patients take advantage of new medical technologies in the lap of luxury where the comforts of Thai hospitality beckon them. Thailand is also blooming in a niche market fast becoming a leading gender-reassignment destination for many transgender people from all corners of the world. From small back end clinics to grand hospitals that look more like 5 star hotels, gender-affirming procedures are available to everyone on any budget. <br />
They say in Thailand, it is not about wanting to become beautiful it is a matter of saving someone’s life. To be trapped in the wrong body is the hardest of conditions for many transgender people. Patients from Europe and Australia often seek out the procedure for their unparalleled results and surgeon’s experience. A new growing market from the middle east and a steady stream of patients from Asian countries like Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, India and Nepal often means doctors and surgeons are booked back to back performing an impressive number of surgeries each year. The question of how medical institutions define who is ready and if they should even get this irreversible procedure is one that largely remains open in a country where perfection is the norm and flawless ideals reign supreme.