More Than a Woman

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After the check up Worawut Kingkajorn, 21, a restaurant server in Bangkok, she is  back to the hotel around the corner from the clinic to continue her recovery period. Thailand has become a leading gender-reassignment destination for many transgender people from all corners of the world; it is a fast growing sector in Thailand’s $4 billion medical tourism market. From small back end clinics to grand hospitals that look more like five star hotels, gender-affirming procedures are available to everyone on any budget. They say in Thailand, it is not about wanting to become beautiful; it is a matter of saving someone’s life and allowing them to live as their true self. Pratunam Ploy Clinic, the cheapest sex reassignment clinic in the world is where Dr.Thep, considered by many to be one of the leading pioneers of sex reassignment surgery in the world, has been practicing for over 30 years. His choice to practice in a make shift shop house in the busiest wholesale district in central Bangkok has earned him a legendary and controversial reputation among his colleagues. Here you can get a sex change for a little as $2000 for some procedures. He keeps his costs low by using the absolute minimum of what he needs, democratizing access to procedures once reserved for the wealthy and affluent. He completes an average of 20 breast implants and 1-2 sex reassignment procedures a day, the clinic is open seven days a week.