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Sarina Thai is one of the most famous transgender supermodels in Thailand. She started out working for 3 years in Thailand but was rejected by many in the industry because there was so much taboo associated with transgender models. She moved to New York soon after and her career quickly gained momentum. After she returned home she says the reception was completely different. people respected her more because she has established her career and gotten then nod of approval from western designers. She now walks international runway shows and continues to do editorial work  and TV shows in Thailand. <br />
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Sarina studied Law in college but says her degrees are useless as she cannot practice Law in Thailand as her true self. she says in many proffesions outside the entertainment industry transgender people are heavily frowned uppn and discriminated in the proffesional workforce. she is happy today desipite this, having found her true calling in modeling. <br />
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she currenly works as an ambassador for the  transgender community, often making public apperences and giving talks to the younger generation. she hopes her work will help to normalize trangender people in society and help them to become part of the proffesional work force in Thailand. <br />
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